Weekly Roundup | Collections 164-170



B and I have both been obsessed with these fuzzy oak (a friend told me these may be birch instead of oak) flowers that look just like caterpillars.

She's been collecting them like mad because they are so easy to scoop up by the fistful. They're fuzzy and cute and what's not to love?


Buttercups, buttercups, buttercups! There is this one sloping yard that butts up against the sidewalk on one of our routes and at this time of year, it is covered in beautiful yellow buttercups. B loves to pick them, sniff them (resulting in a yellow nose), twirl them and pull the petals off of them. I also taught her to tuck one under my chin to test (in a very scientifically sound way) whether or not I like butter. I do and, good news, so does she! Butter makes the world go 'round, after all.


The tiny little pink flowers in the center of this fell from a lovely little tree onto a bed of rocks. B said that we had to pick them all up (because of course she did), which took forever. As it turns out, picking tiny little flowers out of tiny little rocks is a time consuming process. But we did it, and I love those tiny flowers. Worth it!


Sometimes we take walks to get ice cream at the place up the street and sometimes we stop and pick up oodles of spotty golden leaves on the way.

B had to pick just the right ones (hers don't have as many spots) while I focused on patterns and textures. Together...perfect!


When your kid rips someone's plant out of the ground faster than you can say, "NO!" Sorry neighbor.

We have some collecting rules that B has to follow; no picking flowers or plants unless the neighbor says it's okay or it has fallen onto the ground on its own is a big one because of where we do most collecting. There are exceptions for weed-type plants and overgrown bushes that need a trim anyway. She's never allowed to just rip something from the ground if it's been planted by a homeowner, but every now and then she gets excited and it happens so quickly that there's no stopping it. Thankfully, on the few occasions she has pulled plants out of the ground, it's been a ground cover or something pretty basic like this succulent that spreads like wildfire. Whew.


Happy Saturday! It's raining and cold here AGAIN so I'm feeling kind of like this grumpy sticky note we found. B and I could really use some sunshine.

B was so happy to see that our neighbor's rhododendron bush is flowering again. She loves to collect its curled up leaves, but the fallen buds and petals are way better because PINK!

After we did collecting under the rhododendron bush, I turned into a dinosaur who had to chase B to get her piggy tails. That's what I was told, anyway, by the speedy little tot who ran away while yelling "chase me, Mama Dinosaur!"


Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. That's one of B's favorite songs and it must have stirred something within Mother Nature because we finally have a sunny day! Cold, but sunny. I'll take it.

Our plans today are to binge watch Beat Bugs, buy frames so I can create some dimensional pieces for our shop (one will actually be a ✨GIVEAWAY✨ that will start this week!) and also take a walk, of course. B has another cold so slow and steady is the name of the game today.

What are YOU doing on this fine Sunday?

An Introduction

Hey pals! I'm Melissa, the half of the mother/daughter duo that runs most of the facets of this operation. The other half, Bailey (B), takes care of almost all of our collecting (which is kind of a big deal because that's really where the magic happens) while balancing a busy schedule full of playing, wiggling, snacking and napping.

If you've been following us on Instagram, then you already know what we're up to. If not, allow me to explain. B and I are just a regular ol' mom and toddler pair who happen to take lots of walks. When we first started walking around our neighborhood without the stroller, I started to notice myself constantly correcting B, asking her to "hurry up!" and "keep up with Mama!" One day it dawned on me that my whisking her away was the exact opposite of how I wanted to raise her. I want to raise a thoughtful person, a curious person, a person who appreciates the world around her and who explores and discovers on a regular basis. If I was hurrying her, how was she supposed to become or be any of those things? I remembered that as a brand new human, she was seeing everything in the world for the first time. Absorbing all of those new and exciting sights takes time and, if she was going to get the most out of our walks, I needed to slow down. I needed to find patience and maybe a sense of curiosity that I myself had lost a long time ago.

Eventually B started collecting some of the discoveries she made. I found myself walking home with handfuls of sticks and pockets overflowing with rocks and acorns and all kinds of other random things B deemed beautiful. I started calling them her "little treasures." Eventually I got smart and started taking tote bags with us on our walks, but I quickly realized I couldn't keep everything she collects because there was just so much. That's when I started taking photos of her collections and posting them to Instagram, as a way for her to look back on all of the things she found beautiful without having to physically keep everything. Flash forward a year and here we are. We've amassed a collection of almost 200 images and B continues to want to explore and find new treasures. She has developed quite the eye and is very particular about what goes into our collecting bag. She only wants the smoothest rocks, the most colorful flowers and the most unique sticks.

As I've learned while watching my sweet girl, getting children out into nature is giving them a gift of opportunity. Nature offers children the chance to explore and play while giving them an immersive sensory experience. B has learned about textures by feeling grass on her toes and rough tree bark on her fingers. She has smelled flowers and seen rainbows form and heard birds chirp their beautiful songs. She has jumped for the moon and watched as ants carry leaves many times heavier than their tiny bodies. There are so many chances to learn, explore, play, and create when we usher our kids to natural settings.

My hope is to use this space to inspire someone, anyone, to usher their kids outside and into life of discovery and passion for the outdoors. I'll be sharing many of our adventures here, DIY nature activities we do that can be easily recreated in your own home, and reflections on our collections for the week, along with featured monthly spotlights on the organizations we will be giving to (they'll be receiving 5% of all profits from our shop) and how you can get involved and support them.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!