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we're just a nature loving tot and a design loving mom who create beautiful things using objects we find outside.


In 2016, Melissa Graham, a former graphic designer and children's illustrator, found herself as a depository for the collecting habits of her young daughter, Bailey, then a toddling one and a half year old. The little girl's love of nature led to Melissa finding herself with fist- and pocketfuls of acorns, crumbling leaves, berries and sticks every time the pair went for their daily walk. Not wanting to completely get rid of the beloved objects carefully selected by Bailey, Melissa decided to start photographing the items so that her daughter would be able to cherish these discoveries without having to actually hang onto them. Eventually, the photographs turned into a daily project that not only documented the discoveries of a young child, but also served as a creative outlet for a new mother. Additionally, the ritual of actively collecting began to connect Bailey and Melissa to nature in a new and exciting way. Bailey was seeing, feeling and experiencing her world for the first time, offering her an immersive, multi-faceted sensory experience almost daily, while Melissa was being reintroduced to the beauty in small, commonplace natural objects that adults often overlook.

The goal of the Little Treasures Project is to create beautiful, meticulously designed artwork for your home while also allowing you to reconnect with the world around you. With a catalog of over 300 images, we offer professionally produced art prints that are sure to brighten and add a natural element to any space. Additionally, a few times a year Melissa combines her background as a designer with her newfound natural artistry to create exquisite dimensional art pieces using elements the pair collects. Each piece is one of a kind and made by hand.

5% of all Little Treasures Project profits go directly to the Student Conservation Association, which works to build the next generation of conservationists by providing school-aged youth with hands-on environmental stewardship opportunities.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to learn more about what Melissa and Bailey are up to.

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